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Dreams and spaceships and healing

At the end of the dream I was alone in my tiny room in a large, foreign city. Left to figure out what to do next, I had overslept and missed an important part of my training. I was struggling to decide what to wear. Or, was I supposed to be packing now? I remembered being on a spaceship, learning the different roles of each crew-member, the functions, duties and skills. At one point I was summoned to staff "position one." Is that the helm?

Just before waking, in the dream, I felt a sense of abandonment, of being left behind. And a sense that I'd been neglectful and not fully devoted to my studies by oversleeping through the mornings of my training. Guilt and shame washed through me around not trying harder- a sense that I can do better and should do better. I can study and practice and be the best I can be.

Upon waking, these dream admonitions transcended into an intention, an intention to become the best spiritual coach and energy healer I can be, by studying and practicing. It is through study and practice that mastery comes.

A friend asked me the other day whether I might be trying to do too much. Immediately I thought, and said "no." This is all stuff I'm doing for myself. But now, as I reflect upon the questions, I think "perhaps." I am committing right now to set aside time each day to practice at least one energy technique.

My deepest desire is to be proficient: the best spiritual coach and energy practitioner, for myself and the people who show up for help. At the same time, keeping in mind to be patient and gentle with myself because I am engaged in my own healing, which must always come first.

(This blog post appeared originally as Debbie's private journal entry dated 3/11/21)

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